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Content geotechnical report

Introduction. Describe cents to study the type and volume of work, methods of implementation, timing of execution and composition of the participating artists.
I. General Section
1.1 location Describe briefly the location of the research site
1.2 Hydrographic characteristics of the region. Give a brief description of the physical and geographical, described the river network, drainage area, road network and linkages with larger administrative centers. In hydrogeological report focuses on the main climatic characteristics.
1.3 Knowledge about the area. Summarize in chronological order made in past research and studies on geological geotechnical and hydrogeological conditions in the study area.
1.4 Geological conditions. Describe in detail the geologic formations (stratigraphy), rocks, from which they are presented (lithology) and tectonic structure (tectonics) of the study area.
1.5 Physical and geological phenomena. Describe any established physical and geological processes and phenomena (erosion, abrasion, weathering, suffusion, marshes, gravitational processes - rock falls, landslides, landslides) location, size and character.
1.6 Hydrogeological conditions. Describe the location and nature of all water appears indicating the presence of groundwater.
II. Special Section
2.1 Methodology of the surveys. Describe in detail the methods and ways of calculating the appropriate characteristics.
2.2 Physic and mechanical properties of rocks and soils dispersed. A detailed description established by laboratory testing and studies by in situ physical and mechanical properties of rocks and soils that make up the study area.
2.3 Geological conditions. Perform engineering geological classification of rocks and soils dispersed geological and petrographic features and physics and mechanical properties. Drawn to engineering geological zoning. In variant studies have compared the different options with fellow engineers and geological conditions
III. Conclusion. Authorities are the main findings of the studies, state the main quantitative characteristics (such as values) are made appropriate recommendations.