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инженерна геология

Engineering Geology

In the field of engineering geology, the company provides investors with information to clarify the engineering geological and hydro geological situation in the design and construction of engineering facilities, residential and public buildings, industrial and energy facilities, water treatment plants, landfills, water and sewerage , road construction, construction of retaining walls, pilot systems and various types of engineering systems and equipment, including drilling or other excavation and testing physical and mechanical characteristics of soils in building its own certified laboratory for soil mechanics.

The company develops events for combat engineering and geological processes and phenomena, such as: earthquakes, land slides, scree, mud-stone floods, rockfall, subsidence, creep, etc.. Assess the environmental changes in the construction of surface and underground facilities, geological studies related to the eradication of uranium mines, exploration of careers for the extraction of construction materials - sand, gravel and natural stone materials. Done surveying work in connection with land partition in different regions of the country, pictures of landscaping, geodetic control during different types of works capturing tunnels, tracing various linear objects (routes).

The company takes part in establishing the location of elements of underground cadastre, archaeological remains and other materials buried underground using georadar inspection and measurement of radon content in soil and air content of petroleum in soil, and other specific soil tests.