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Insitu test with mobile laboratory

Direct (field) methods for determining the mechanical properties of soil

Sample loading stamp - performed with rigid metal dies (plates), usually circular area to 1.00 m2. By this test are determined deformation characteristics of the ground, and deformation components, coefficient of bed and others. Tests can be performed on all soil types at different depths.  
CBR test - this method is relatively quick assessment of the merits of the ground, mainly in road construction. Determine the "California to carrying capacity - CBR ". By CBR tested surface artificially compacted layers of soil and other materials.   CBR
Drilling with dynamic penetration (SPT) - penetration is achieved by hitting the weight (grandmother) on the anvil, through the slender rod (bar) them to the tip of the penetrometer. Ing dynamic penetrometer penetrates relatively easily in healthy soil, so it is suitable for soils that contain gravel and static penetrometer in which refuses to act.   SPT
Static penetration (CPT) - when the power to implement a uniform penetration, penetration is called static. Through it can be tested related and unrelated soils with different texture and density.   CPT
Georadar studies and investigations - in this type of study can determine precisely the location of pipelines, cables, cracks, voids, caverns, sliding surfaces, underground architect tour sites, tombs, the power of layers and sediments in lakes and reservoirs and more.   georadar