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Laboratory researches

The company has its own certified laboratory for soil mechanics.

Apparatus in the laboratory is automated and equipped with certified software that staff have received training and obtained international certificates for work directly from the manufacturer of the equipment - VJ Technology. The use of laboratory apparatus human factor is minimized, thereby avoiding a large percentage of possible errors which may allow technicians. Devices do not require constant human presence, practically they can work around the clock. This optimizes workflow, saves time and allows the assumption of greater amount of work.

The laboratory is ISO 9001 certified, which ensures fairness and accuracy in processing the results.

Scope of the laboratory:
Laboratory tests for determining the mechanical properties of soil, according BDS and EUROCODE 7
  • Particle size distribution
  • Coefficient of uniformity
  • Bulk mass density
  • Particle mass density
  • Water content
  • Dry density
  • Porosity
  • Void ratio
  • Liquid limits
  • Plastic Limits
  • Plastisity index
  • Consistency index
  • Degree of saturation
  • Maximum dry density at optimal water content - Proctor method
  • Angle of internal friction and cohesion
  • compression module and settlement
  • Frustration, volume of macro-pore
  • Elastic modulus
  • CBR test
  • Stiffness Module
  • Poisson ratio
  • Compressive strength of the uniaxial load